The Woman’s Poker Association is a non-profit organization that elevates & celebrates women in the poker industry. One of our initiatives is the WPA Player of the Year program, a global competition that recognizes exceptional female poker players. Any “women only tournaments” can be included on our Events List, and those with at least 40 participants and a minimum buy-in of $100 USD will qualify for the WPA POY Leaderboard in North America.

We are immensely excited to announce that WPA Advocate, Christina (Chris) Read has been crowned the Women’s Poker Association (WPA) Player of the Year for 2023! Chris’s journey through 2023 was nothing short of remarkable. With a WSOP Circuit Ring now adorning her finger, Chris’s reflections on the past year and her aspirations for the rest of 2024 are a thrilling ride we all want a ticket for!

2023 was a year that Chris described as filled with “so many amazing highlights,” but a few moments stood out as monumental. The pinnacle of her achievements was clinching a WSOP ring after reaching 11 WSOP final tables, a testament to her resilience and skill. Adding to her list of accolades, Chris made history by winning the LIPS National Championship back-to-back in 2022 and 2023, a feat unmatched and a memory she holds among her proudest. Her victory in the Ladies Event with a 50k add on by Bill Perkins at the Lodge last May, not only showcased her prowess but also her pride in representing women in the game of poker.

Venturing beyond borders, Chris’s repeat victory at the Ladies First Event in Malta solidified her international reputation, while her final table appearance at the WPT Ladies World Championship in December underscored her status as a fierce competitor in the poker community. Beyond the tables, Chris’s role as a WPA Advocate for the Gulf Coast allowed her to celebrate and uplift women who are new to poker and seasoned players. Amidst her professional triumphs, Chris celebrated personal joy with the arrival of her grandson, Landon, and the lively presence of her granddaughters, highlighting a year that was as fulfilling personally as it was professionally.

As we look toward the rest of 2024, Chris’s excitement is through the roof! With plans to compete in her first ever WSOP Tournament of Champions and to immerse herself in the WSOP for an entire month, her journey is far from over. Chris’s aspiration to see more women not only participating in these events but also achieving deep runs is a rallying call for the empowerment and success of women in poker. As Chris Read sets her sights on future victories and continued advocacy, her story is a beacon of determination and never quitting on her poker goals and dreams.

Here’s to Chris Read, a true champion in every sense of the word, whose achievements in 2023 have been a spectacular highlight in women’s poker.

Additional applause go out to the following women, who were all part of the Top 10 finishers in the 2023 WPA POY Champion race. Bonnie Weitzel, Pamela Belote, Ruth Hall, Tammy Ehrhart, Susan Murphey, Marsha Adams, Lauren Bunch, Svetlana Gromenkova and Ashley Frank.

Congratulations to each and every one you, well done!

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