Purple Tie Guy


So often we hear “How can men help support women in poker?”

Until now, there has been no “visible” way other than being friendly, encouraging and speaking up for women at the tables when necessary.

Introducing…. Purple Tie Guy

Why Purple?

Purple is the Official Color of the WPA + a “tie” is a common item indicative of men.

Our “Purple Tie Guy” logo is a symbolic way for men to show their support of women poker players and provides an instant recognizable emblem for players to know it.

People use symbols to show support, such as a Military branch pins, a pink ribbon or sports jersey or team hat for example. It tells those around you what you support and believe in at a glance. A Purple Tie Guy patch or pin does the same thing.

We invite ALL male poker players to become a Purple Tie Guy Member of the WPA

By doing so, you demonstrate your commitment to the WPA mission of empowering women to enter and excel in poker.

To become a Purple Tie Guy, simply register here – It’s FREE

“Why should I register? I support women no matter what.”

Not only do we want to know who is supporting women in poker, but we want to invite you to any special events created just for our Purple Tie Guy Tribe. Tailgate parties, tournaments, and more. We love our Purple Tie Guys and appreciate your support.

Social Media:

1.Use any of the following hashtags in your social media outlets

#purpletieguy #imapurpletieguy

2. Download the #PurpleTieGuy logo for your social media posts.

Purple Tie Guy Patch:

1. Order a Purple Tie Guy Patch (Simply pay $1 for shipping in the US and $3.50 outside of the US). All funds collected go to WPA operations as we are an all-volunteer non-profit organization.

2. Request a free patch from one of our WPA Board Members or Advocates when you come across them at a poker room or festival.

Select Desired Patch