Final Table Celebrations


The WPA Final Table Celebration Program is an initiative by the Women’s Poker Association that aims to celebrate the achievements of women in poker. The program provides swag to Ladies Event final table players plus the winner with a stunning WPA trophy. The best part? The WPA does not charge you anything for this!

There are two kits available in this program, the standard kit and the premium kit. The standard kit is designed for events with a buy-in of $100 or less and it includes swag for the winner. The premium kit, on the other hand, is for events with buy-ins of $100 or more and includes a trophy for the winner, plus swag for the entire final table.

If you are a Poker Room Manager and would like to receive a final table kit, all you need to do is send your request in via email at least two weeks in advance to The WPA will be more than happy to send out a kit to you.

Overall, the WPA Final Table Celebration Program is an excellent way to recognize the accomplishments of women in poker. Plus, allowing the WPA to “celebrate your final table” shows the poker community that you are committed to promoting, supporting and growing women in the game.