WPA & Poker Powher Virtual Classes

Please join us for a very special Women’s Poker Association & Poker Powher virtual class series!

Whether you are new to the game, or just want to work on your skills, this group is a great place to network with your fellow WPA members!  This class is taught by WPA Board Members & Poker Powher instructors Sarah Stefan, Liz Huey, and Rebbecca Scales.

Schedule: Tuesdays at 4:30pm CT/2:30pm PT – ONLY $25 for ALL 5 CLASSES! 

Tuesday, July 13: Dominant: How to Get What You Want
Tuesday, July 20: Perceptive: Reading Your Opponent
Tuesday, July 27: Discipline: Giving Yourself the Advantage
Tuesday, August 3: Calculated: Poker Math
Tuesday, August 10: Ambitious: Tournament Play

If you’d like to bring Poker Powher to the women in your workplace, please contact aj@pokerpowher.com for information on our corporate workshops.

At Poker Powher, we teach women how to play poker via virtual lessons and gameplay on an app. Our female coaches translate poker skills to empowerment and career acceleration. Poker is a simple game that is a game-changer.

Poker deals strategies and skills to its players: confidence, critical thinking, decision-making, computation, negotiation, money management and risk assessment. With every win or loss, it teaches women to be fearless at the poker table and every table where they sit. Men already know this—they make up over 90% of poker players. And they use their gameplay knowledge to influence and advance their own careers while women are left out of the game.

Poker Powher levels the playing field. We offer a supportive, safe-to-fail community of women learning to play Texas Hold ’em. Hand after hand, our players’ perfect analysis and decision-making under pressure and gain confidence. The more they play, the better they get, and the more confident, strategic and successful they become. Not just at the poker table—but at every table in life. Join us.


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