WPA Advocates are the foundation of our organization. They share our ideas, programs, opportunities and represent women poker players around the world. Thank you for all you do!!

Angella Izurieta North East – NY
Geri Gaber North East – CT
Melanie Wynter North East NC
Brenda Nickles North East – IN
Jennifer Mrkvicka North East – MD
Kim Scott North East – NH
Marsha Adams South Central – MO
Bay Haught South Central – TX
Bonnie Weitzel South Central – TX
Cheryl Spencer South Central – TX
Debbie Espe South Central – TX
Terry Hatcher South Central – TX
Bernadette Burgess South East – FL
Chris Read South East – GA
Donna Blevins South East – FL
Jan Berg South East – FL
Lenor Ryan South East – FL
Lisa Buck South East – FL
Mary Darnell South East – FL
Sandy Brown South East – FL
Sherry Pluskota South East – FL
Amy Yoakum South East – GA
Angela Averett South East – GA
Teresa Lammie South East – TN
Bonnie Carl West – CA
Julie Herbert West – CA
Kittie Aleman West – CA
LaVelle (Lovie) Cooley West – CA
Lisa Towns West – CA
Roni Taylor West – CA
Terry Constantino West – AZ
Wendi Benecke West – CA
Joyce Alexander West – ID
Christine Fineberg West – NV
Espy Enriquez West – NV
Jackie Wesley West – NV
Liz Huey West – NV
Lynne Mitchnick West – NV
Mary Gregorich West – NV
Penny Parker West – NV
Susan Rhodes West – NV
Tina Stafford West – NV
Chelsea Nielsen West Central – UT
Rita Sherrill West Central – AZ
Jacqueline Pennington West Central – NM

Jen Luebert British Columbia
April Horne British Columbia
Alexandra Chauran British Columbia
Aleeyah Jadavji Alberta
Cindy Kerslake Alberta
Diana Shamshoum Quebec
Christine Park Quebec
Deborah Van Neste Maritimes

Fiona Sand Norway
Giulliana Oliveira Ireland
Jan Combes UK

Diane Collins
Gigi Fab
Jodie Ward
Tatiana Fox

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