WPA Spotlight – Kyna England

Meet Poker Power Instructor & Poker Player, Kyna England!

1. What is your name? Kyna England

2. Where are you from? Chicago, IL

3. How did you get introduced to the game of poker? I learned from a girl roommate I had in college. We liked watching poker together.

4. Tell us about an unusual or unique experience that you’ve had while playing poker. I got to sit at the first ever WPT Final Table with 2 other women!

5. How would you describe your poker style/play? Any specific poker experience you are most proud of? What is your favorite poker game to play and why? I actually do my own weird things sometimes that really only make sense in my head haha, but I am pretty big on player reads and general strategy. People have told me that I’m more aggressive and I bluff a lot…but that’s just not true!

6. What were some of the unexpected hurdles that you have experienced in poker? How are you overcoming those? Just keeping up with the game and new trends in general. Teaching through Poker Power forces me to stay sharp and study different spots. I would never want to give a suggestion without really being sure myself.

7. Who is the most difficult player that you have ever competed against? How was that experience? I find Dapo (Adadapo Ajayi) pretty difficult to play. He is very calculated and aggressive in the right spot. I also found it difficult (but extremely enjoyable) to play with Chance Kornuth Bc he just stares at you and he is rather scary.

8. Looking back at where you were when you started your poker journey; how has your game evolved and what are your poker goals going forward? If I knew everything then that I knew now, I wouldn’t have had the same journey, so I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Going forward I would love to play some more WSOP Bracelet events and also explore different and new series/casino locations.

9. What is your favorite hobby or passion outside of poker? I like to workout and go on bike rides or hikes. I also love trying new restaurants and visiting new places. And I can’t forget how much I love hanging out with my little nieces and nephews. My little people are the best!

10. What are your plans for poker in the future, if any at all? Just try to experience new things, soak everything up and have a great time.

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