2021 Women in Poker Survey

Very little data exists on women in poker. Other than having annual stats on the percentage of women who have played in the World Series of Poker every summer, there is not much other concrete data available to the poker community.

To learn more, the Women’s Poker Association (WPA) and Poker Power came together a few months ago and conducted a survey. The goal was to find out what drives women to play poker – or what prohibits them from doing so. The survey was open to both women and men.

We’re thrilled by the willingness of 438 individuals who took the time to complete the survey, and we are excited to share our findings with you and the poker community.

WPA/Poker Power 2021 Survey Results

The WPA and Poker Power are committed to focusing our energy, programs, and resources in the right areas. 

To do this effectively, it was imperative that we had measurable data that we could then convert into action items. From the information we collected in this survey, we learned some extremely valuable information such as what drives women to play, what they find most intriguing about poker and that having a welcoming & positive poker community, is truly the key to continuing the growth of women in poker. 

Because a community of positive and like-minded people is so important, the WPA has created a resource hub that is for all things women in poker; introducing the “Women’s Poker Playlist.” 


On the Women’s Poker Playlist, you can:

  • Find information on how to start playing poker or how to further your poker education
  • Find the next ladies tournament
  • Read success stories
  • Be connected to women’s poker groups
  • Learn about the trailblazers of women in poker

Whether you are a brand-new player to the game, an established player or a lifelong player that has been around the game for 20+ years, this is for you! We want this list to continue to grow and if you know of an organization or group that you feel would be a great addition to the Women’s Poker Playlist, please let us know!

To all the survey participants, we genuinely appreciate your contribution to the growth of women in poker!

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