WPA Spotlight – Starr Valdez

Meet the fun and wonderful Starr Valdez who plays at the highest levels in poker.

Starr Valdez
Albuquerque NM

1) Tell us about an unusual or unique experience you’ve had while playing poker.

When I was very new to the game I was playing a cash game with the lead singer of Boyz to men, I was super excited because that was one of my favorite bands growing up but I did something I would never do again. I got lucky on his AA to hit a set, not only did I felt him but proceeded to take one of the chips I won from him and asked to sign it. He was a good sport but until this day I feel bad. Talk about bad timing for an autograph. But was an amazing and unique experience to sit with him.

2) How can you describe your poker play? Any poker experience you are most proud of?

My play will always differ dependent on my table. But I do like to take an aggressive edge any time the opportunity presents itself. I’d have to say the most proud I’ve been was my recent run online in a 420kg. I fell just short at 16th. It wasn’t close to my largest score but the field I went through was extremely steep at 9,725 players. Being it was the largest field I maneuvered through, I am the most proud of this. Money is nice but at the end of the day, it’s not the only thing that measures success to me.

3) What were some of the unexpected hurdles in poker?

I would have to say long periods on the bad side of variance. As a player we all expect variance but when it hits for a long time it feels a little unexpected to say the least.

4) Have you ever played against a Poker Pro, and how was that experience?

I have been fortunate enough to play with many. I truly enjoy playing with fellow pros as I feel like I learn from each and every one of them enabling me to grow in my game.

5) Looking back at where you were when you started your poker journey, what are your poker goals going forward?

When I first started poker my goal was to rise to the top of the game. That is still my main goal now, but it comes with loving every minute of the journey. We only get this journey once.

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