WPA Spotlight – Lisa Pickell

Meet Lisa Pickell… a fun, talented and vivacious poker player!

1. Tell us about an unusual or unique experience you’ve had while playing poker.

One of my favorite moments is the time in Parx main I should have been the bubble. I was the bb and there was a raise mp and a new guy just sat and he 3 bet, I folded, the original raiser jammed and new guy called. Js vs ak and js held. Ak was the bubble and I went on a sick heater bagging 2.9 mill and went out 4th. Chip and a chair at its finest!

2. How can you describe your poker play? Any poker experience you are most proud of?

I would say my reads are my strength. Whether it’s reading that I can get the bluff through or that I make the right call, it’s stronger than my math skills. I prefer playing live for that reason. I’m most proud of having a little piece of history in the sport I love. There are so many talented women with more rings and bracelets but I’ll always be the first woman to win the Wsop circuit ring in nlh.

3. What are some of the unexpected hurdles in poker?

Money management. Hands down. Also, I think balancing life and work isn’t easy.

4. Have you ever played against a Poker Pro, and how was that experience?

Oh my gosh. Right after I won the ring I played Borgata main and I get to my table and Amir Fahidi, Matt Mattros, a European pro who’s name I can’t remember, and Phil freakin’ Ivey!! I was like….is this real life? It was fabulous. I had a hand against the European pro and Amir was holding his cigar and said to me, in his thick accent, “I guess you can play some poker”. It was awesome!!

5. Looking back at where you were when you started your poker journey, what are your poker goals going forward?

I’d really like to get back to traveling. I was so excited to make last year the one where I finally get to play in Europe and Australia. I hope the possibility comes soon.

6. Where are you from?

New Jersey

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