Who Plays Poker and Why?

A Survey for Poker Players and Those Who Don’t Play…. Yet.

Poker touches lives around the world but little has been done to gather data around the game. We know poker grows life skills and are side benefits of being a poker player. Such as critical thinking skills, quick decision making, managing finances with bankroll management, controlling our emotions, etc. We also have good information about tournament play since festival information has been collected over many years. Lifetime tournament earnings, largest cashes, most tournament entries, etc.  But the ‘why’ people play or don’t play hasn’t been looked into much.

PokerPowHer, a company dedicated to teaching one million women how to play poker, and Women’s Poker Association, the non-profit dedicated to the education, empowerment and elevation of women in poker, have joined forces to begin the gathering of information around this subject.

When data is gathered, tracked and analyzed in a credible way over time, it becomes possible to measure progress and success (or lack of it). We’re very interested in who is playing, and why.  Especially women.

We would ask all poker players to help us by completing the small questionnaire. We also invite people who don’t play poker to complete it so we can better learn what keeps people from enjoying the game we love.  The information gathered will be available once the data is compiled.

Please take a moment out of your day and help us take a snapshot of poker.  The knowledge gained is how we sustain the industry and grow it in the future.

Begin the survey here: https://forms.gle/EFjWuSioPL2abh1V8

This is a time sensitive survey. Please complete by March 24, 2021. Thank you.

Please contact media@wpa.poker with any questions you may have.


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