WPA Spotlight – Louise Francoeur

Introducing the wonderful Louise!

Louise Francoeur
Las Vegas, NV, but am from Montreal Canada

1) How did you first get started in poker?

We played a lot of games in my house growing up, and my father taught me poker basics. After completing my Master’s Degree I worked in the casino industry. My first employer was the person I wrote my Thesis for, and he played a lot of 7-card stud at the Taj Mahal a few days a week after work. He would let me sit behind him and watch him play. I learned stud games before I ever learned Hold-em

2) Tell us about an unusual or unique experience you’ve had while playing poker.

That was me standing around during the infamous Will Kassouf “9 high like a boss” hand deep in the WSOP Main Event LOL. The first major tournament I ever played was at the Borgata, I was on a business trip in New York and decided to go to Atlantic City for the weekend. I played and won a satellite into a WPT Main Event the following month. I returned, and at my table were Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Josh Arieh, Paul Magriel and others….I lasted at the table most of the day until they broke us. Phil asked me if I played a lot. I said no, that this was my first big tournament. He replied “stick to it, you have a lot of heart for this game”….Words that couldn’t be truer:). My major accomplishment is that I have 2 WSOPC rings, a ladies event and an open event.

3) How can you describe your poker play? Any poker experience you are most proud of?

My poker play is a little unconventional. I play for the love of the game, and some days I feel like having some fun and playing a “non-disciplined” game. I can get bored during long stretches. But when I am laser focused, my mind is a dangerous place lol. I prefer live poker tournaments because I am able to tune in on many aspects that I can’t seem to find online. I do not enjoy online poker at all, and I am easily distracted, as my online results would show:)

4) What were some of the unexpected hurdles in poker?

When I first started playing, there were very few women, and I often did not feel welcome at the tables. I was used to it working in the gaming industry as a rare female executive early on. I worked a decade in gaming, and during that time I witnessed the shift of more women entering the casino industry and the poker game, which was great to see. For many it seems that very few women play the game today, but there are 10X more women today than 20 years ago.

5) Have you ever played against a Poker Pro, and how was that experience?

Yes, have played with many “Phils” lol…Phil Ivey as mentioned above, a few times with Phil Helmuth, Daniel…The most fun I had was during a heads-up match with Phil Laak in Montreal. The match lasted for a few hours and we had a great conversation and laughs:) I will be honest and say that I don’t keep up with all of the poker news and faces, so there have been many times when someone tells my “OMG xyz is at your table”….and I recognize the name but not the face, especially with masks lol.

6) Looking back at where you were when you started your poker journey, what are your poker goals going forward?

To continue loving the game and playing with passion!

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