Voice of the Year – Veronica Brill

Veronica Brill, WPA Voice of the Year. Women having a voice in the poker industry is very important. If we look back at the history of women in poker, and how it’s evolved over the past several decades, it’s impressive and kind of gives us hope on where this trajectory is going.

Interestingly, Veronica has captured the eyes and the ears of the entire poker community in the recent months as someone who stands up for the good of the game and puts its integrity at the forefront. She’s also someone who is extremely persistent, solid as a rock and does not take no for an answer. Veronica in essence risked everything, including her poker reputation, to make sure that her voice was heard. This can be an example not only for all of us women, but for people in general and we’re extremely honored to present the industry voice of the year to Veronica Brill.

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