Excellence Award – Liz Huey

Liz Huey –South Carolina

Liz is a semi-pro player who has played poker since she was 23 (and she claims she’s celebrating her 18th annual 29th birthday soon!). She is self taught to a degree, however did have a poker coach for several years.

Liz spoke at the Global Gaming Expo and igaming congress in 2018. She is a huge supporter and promoter for women in poker. Her first live tournaments were ladies events where she felt safe
and comfortable. I am truly blessed and honored to be part of the Poker Industry. She looks forward to seeing women will bring to the table. “If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing!”

  • Advocate for the WPA
  • Loyal
  • Been playing since she was 23 years old
  • 2018 Global Gaming Expo and I gaming congress made where she advocated for online and for sportsbook to get comps.
  • Always goes above and beyond
  • Last year helped with WSOP booth and TDA.  
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